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A little delayed, but what isn't these days?

Big Saturday Finish to a Big Week

We had big days on Friday and Saturday. Especially busy for me because Friday night was a small (40+) event at a board member's house and then Saturday was our big Annual Meeting celebration, all of which I am responsible for. So, holy crap I am tired. I think we had well over 100 there Saturday, probably 130-140. The food was yum and I bought extra beer Friday night, since our RSVPs spiked at the last minute. Read More 
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Day Three a Done Deal

Still a bit chilly out, but nice chipper day for the crew. They arrived at the agreed upon lunch spot nearly an hour ahead of schedule and played in the rapids at Elk Shoals. Apparently there were some who went through the shoals several times in boats;others who went through on their asses, too, just for good measure. Read More 
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Ben Saves a Duck

Ben, our Stewardship guy at NCNR, saved a duck today. The duck had gone after a fishing lure hanging from a tree and had it stuck through his bill. The river's current was pushing him away from his trap; he was frantically trying to get loose. Ben got a hold of the wriggling creature,  Read More 
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Not too many surprises, except maybe for the weather. For our first day of the New River Expedition we turned up sprinkles and high 50s to start. It brightened up a good bit by lunch, but the last 30 minutes or so were pouring down rain, thunder and plummeting temps.

I started to look for  Read More 
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Chris' Crazy Land Adventures

It's just a bit past 8 p.m. National Committee for the New River's New River Expedition will be starting in just 12 hours.

I'm the "Advance" person for the trip, which is really just a glorified term for "gopher." I'll be schlepping kayaks and canoes on my trusty Subaru "Snowball," making sure the folks on the water have lunch, get picked up, get to where we're staying at night; I'll take pictures, do video, meet media people, and handle arrangements for the events we're having with our supporters and partners along the way, and hopefully have a chance to take a shower and change my clothes here and there.  Read More 
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Bring on the Hot Weather

I'm off to El Salvador in the early a.m. I'm going with a group from Habitat Charlotte, where I used to work. It's the same gig as my 2007 trip to Santa Ana Department and I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar faces while building houses there.

The standout thing about my trip last time, and one I expect will be true again, is how very authentically nice the people are in El Salvador.  Read More 
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