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I try, but mostly I can't shut up...

Habitat Charlotte Women Wishing All a Merry Christmas!

A bunch of us women who used to work together at Habitat for Humanity Charlotte got together for a Christmas lunch at Mary Nell's house. What fun! We got caught up on each other and our families, shared info on those who couldn't be with us, and made plans, too. First off, we're going to be sure and do a lunch at least once a year, AND, all of us who can are going to go with the Habitat Charlotte crew to El Salvador in February 2011. (Fair warning to Ana Maria, Kendal, Patty, etc. in El Salvador!) Several of us went in 2007 and it was a great trip we want to share with more great Habitat Charlotte women. (see Photo Essays tab on this site for pictures from that trip)  Read More 
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