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We're on the books again for 2013 WORDKEEPERS at the Arts Center in West Jefferson, NC. The highly successful (we think!) writers and listeners salon, now into its third year, continues to bring new writers and readers together.

Coming off our wonderful success with the book, "Mountain Memoirs," Scot, Julie and I are back at it. Once again, we had more new readers and more new listeners in December, and I've already received emails from new folks wanting to join us and read their work.

Here are the dates for 2013: Feb 23, April 13, June 15, Aug 17, Oct 19, Dec 21.

Come on out. It's casual, fun, and we have refreshments to get your courage up if you need them. Email me via this website if you want to sign-up for your 5-minutes of Wordkeepers fame. Read More 
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Check out my interview in The New River Voice


Click on the address above to see my interview with Josh Weil about his new book "The New Valley." I ran across "The New Valley" in the NYT book section, bought it, really liked it, and emailed Josh (there being an obvious connection to my work at National Committee for the New River.)  Read More 
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Day Seven Underway

Here I sit in the drizzle at the public boat ramp below HWY 21 in Independence, Virginia. It's 68 degrees by my car thermometer. And here comes more rain; it's still falling rather softly, but the volume has picked up. The New River Campground somewhere in the vicinity has an open wireless network, so I've hopped on to take a blog break and do some work. Read More 
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