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All the Words and Art Happenings Up in Here

It's All Good

Things are really up-in-the-air at the Charlotte Art League these days. While I don't have the inside scoop, and honestly don't want to know too much, I can observe that many of the studio artists have moved out of their spaces. I am keeping the faith that the administration, new board, and lawyers can get all this figured out, and I can stay put. CAL is more than a place to put things in shows or display my work, it's my work space, and I am probably the person who spends the most time there doing so. Keep your fingers crossed. It would not be possible for me to find another affordable work space at the moment -- I've looked -- and my condo isn't really the place for a messy painter like me to work, if I can help it. 


In the meantime, I've taught writing workshops for Charlotte Writers Club, Charlotte Lit, Jay Ward's Poet Laureate workshop series, and I've been asked this week to do one for Charlotte Mecklenburg Library's south regional branch in May. In April I'm the presenter for the Charlotte Writers Club general meeting, it being poetry month and all. This is what retirement looks like. It's all good. 



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