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All the Words and Art Happenings Up in Here

Wildacres or Bust!

It's almost time for Table Rock Writers Workshop at Wildacres. One of my favorite places in the world, Wildacres, hosts Gerogann Eubanks and Donna Campbell's perfect storm of setting, support, and wonderful writers and musicians -- Table Rock Writers. It is an exquisite combination of hard work and yuck-it-up fun. I don't think there's a better anything like it. I have already been thinking and scheming for the last month doing elaborate preparation, figuring out important shit like, which pens, which notebooks, what reading material, do I bring any art supplies, etc. This year might be a bit more tricky for me though because I've managed to contract pnumonia, so I've been down for the count the last couple of weeks. But, a doctor visit today confirms there's no reason I can't go, I just may have to cool my jets some, ditch hiking, and maybe inject some naps into the schedule. WILDACRES OR BUST!

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