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Yes, it is baseball time, but I AM writing and painting, too :)

What else do I do?

The House Inside My Head: a poetry chapbook from Chris Arvidson

Presales for my chapbook of poetry - my first poetry book publication - are going pretty well, but I sure would like to get over that hump that nets me 20% on royalties. Yes I would. After a damn decent flurry the first couple of weeks, things are just trickling along now. Ah, poetry. It ain't going to make you rich, that's for sure. 


Henry looked it up, and for poetry chapbooks from small presses, my numbers actually put me in the "bestseller" ranks. Which is kind of fun to think about. The chapbook is due out May 20, although the publishers have cautioned me on setting up any events less than a month later, printing and whatnot have been impacted by covid, and there could be delays. But I've got takers anyway, and expect to be doing readings at Park Road Books in Charlotte, Main Street Books in Davidson, and the Old Orchard Creek General Store in Lansing, NC, at a minimum.


Let me know if you have a book club or fav bookstore you'd like to see me at and I'll follow it up. FOR NOW: if you are reading this and you haven't yet preordered my book, please do. You'll be making me rich!

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