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Always, always moving forward...

Being Inspired

I'm back to school for the Fall semester. This is a tough one for many at UNC Charlotte. On the last day of the Spring semester, a shooting took place on our campus. Two students were murdered in their classroom; others were wounded. I had just gotten home from my last class when it all went down. 


We've got more police around these days. But on we go because that's what we all do. We go on. 


I'm teaching the same class this semester, my favorite, Introduction to Creative Writing. There's a ceiling of 25 students, and that's what I have. Because it's a designated "writing intenstive" class, many are enrolled because they need the course to graduate. I really like teaching this class. There are kids from across the disciplines, freshman to graduating seniors, and they are a rainbow of colors and enthnicities, and just plain delightful. 



And inspirational, too. They make me think of the damndest things.


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