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Always, always moving forward...


Well, it's Day Three and I'm still on schedule. It was tough because I had an early morning job to do and so had to be elsewhere when I'm usually writing. But I got back to it this afternoon and got the words done before I have to be at the Election Board for a meeting to approve all the absentees that have come in by mail by 5 today.

Tomorrow will be tough -- I'll be out visiting precincts by 6:30 a.m. I should be able to work in a couple of hours of writing in the early afternoon, before I'll have to be back at the courthouse for the duration. Mostly, that means answering questions and monitoring results once the polls close at 7:30. With all that is computerized anymore, we'll likely have preliminary results by 9 or 9:30 in our county races, no matter the turn out. I'm guessing I'll get home by 10-10:30. There are a couple of races I'm watching around the country that I'll tune in to and, of course, my news source for Election Night on the television has got to be Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. That'll save my head from exploding!

Here's your words from today's writing:

“So, I just said FUCK THIS, and packed up. They had screwed me out of any classes I had any interest in teaching, and school was about to begin. Fuck ‘em. Let them hire a last-minute adjunct for slave wages to teach those classes. They, literally, had provided mandatory syllabi and you weren’t allowed to choose your textbooks - make any additions or changes to the class. What the hell did they need me for anyway? They didn’t. So, I just made them happy and left. It’s what they’ve been wanting the last few years anyway.”

“But, you left more than your university, you left your home and friends and husband…” Ole wasn’t going to let her off quite so easy.
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