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Yes, it is baseball time, but I AM writing and painting, too :)

Trip to the Alps - Extraordinary

We have returned from our trip of a lifetime. To celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary we booked a trip with Wilderness Travel for snowshoeing in the Alps. Friends who have been on trips with the company highly recommended them and we were ready to go for it.

Since early November, we worked on, working up to, this trip. Diets and keeping strict track of all food (myfitnesspal.com) kicked off our process. By two months out, we were doing daily workouts or hikes. I even wore my boots on the elliptical. It really paid off. We were in top shape and did very well physically - no injuries, little soreness, etc. By the end of the days, we were tired, but a good tired.

We flew in and out of Geneva for the trip, and with the exception of the United Airlines screw job getting us there a day late, that part of the trip was just boring plane rides. Our itinerary included stays in two smaller ski towns in France, Chatel and Megeve. We snowshoed through forests, rode on gondolas, and spent time above the treeline with Mont Blanc as the backdrop. And the weather, holy cuckoo clocks, it was sunny and high 50s most of the time. We snowshoed in short-sleeves!

We were part of a group of 10 with two excellent guides. The group were good folks, a wide-range of ages from 23 to 60s, who came from out West to New York City. Several had been on trips with Wilderness Travel before. Actually, I thought we were a kind of rowdy group and talked some pretty good smack. We quickly descended (or ascended, depending on your point of view) into toilet humor, busting each other's chops, and other assorted forms of trash talking. We even had a trick farter in the group. Now really. What more could you ask for?

Nicos and Mike, our guides, were super professional, smart as hell, and lots of fun. These Wilderness Travel guys really know how to do this stuff. The hikes were full of incredible scenery, gorgeous forests, incredible mountain views. The food was outrageous - chocolate and cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was a superb trip in every way.

I think the pictures I've posted here really tell it all. See photos to the right and also by clicking on the Photo Essay tab above. Some big, big smiles...
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