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Always, always moving forward...

Tree Spirit

The house we live in is a local treasure. It was architect-built in 1960 in the Frank Lloyd Wright genre, so, there are lots of cool things about it and in it. We have many large windows in the public spaces, gorgeous ceilings of Douglas Fir, sleek modern trim features and mahogany bookcases.

It is very modern. So, it needed, cried for, was desperate to have what? An aluminum Christmas tree -- one with a color wheel of course.

Truth is, I'd been thinking about it since I saw Dee Ann's on Facebook. She's a bona fide Christmas decorating freak and she posted a picture of her silver beauty on her page last year. By the beginning of November this year, I was thinking about Dee Ann's tree and lusting over one.

I remembered my brother and his wife at the time, Donna, had one when I was a kid. It was all sparkly and gorgeous and it had a pink light on it. I thought it was the coolest. I have even verified with Donna's sister Francine that it was, in fact, a pink colored light. I can't believe I remembered that.

I talked with the former owners who built this house and they confirmed, yes indeed, they had one of these trees displayed in the early 60s. So, see? It is destiny, fated, intended that I have one of these trees!

I ordered one up. Yes, the miracle of internet shopping. You can, indeed, find just about anything online.

It came in a very big box which scared the crap out of Henry. Inside the box was a plastic base in which you stick a two-part wooden pole with a bunch of holes. Then you just pop out the aluminum branches from their individual cardboard tubes -- they're all the same size -- and stick them in the holes in the poles. The light was a little more puzzling; not much was included in the way of instructions, but I eventually figured out how to make the wheel turn in front of the bulb (screw it on tight enough!) and the thing was done.

So, after a taste-based hiccup on the part of my skeptical husband, my very own genuine real aluminum tree is now up in the living room downstairs. And, if I do say so myself, it looks fabulous! We even went out in the street to see how it would look from the outside: Yes! Fabulous from there, too. I sent email to my friend Mollie who is our county librarian telling her to look out the windows at the back of the library; I'm sure she'll be able to see it from there, too.

I'll put some ornaments on it tomorrow or Friday to complete the look. Then I'll post a picture.

Oh, and I know I live in Ashe County, Christmas-tree-growing capital of North Carolina and maybe the world. We will go out on Friday morning and get a "real" tree and put it upstairs. I love the smell of a Christmas tree and wouldn't want to miss having a green beauty in the house, too.

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