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More to Come

I'm up this morning waiting for the dawn to break over Mt. Jefferson, but it's only going to be a brightening, rather than a dawn. Snow is falling heavily; my eyes are peeled for the flakes to turn into icy blobs, but it hasn't happened yet.

We are under a storm warning officially. About 5-6" of plain old snow has fallen so far. We are due for some serious ice during the day before it changes back to snow and continues through Sunday. Meanwhile a bit further north my friends in DC are doubtless battening down their hatches for what is already being called the, ta da, Storm of the Century.

Most people around here are saying they are sick of the snow. It's storm #4 for us since just before Christmas.

I, on the other hand, am not sick of it. I think it's wonderful. Yes. I am a sick puppy. I do wish it would just stay snow and not turn to ice, but I'll take the ice instead of cold rain. It would be nice to not lose power...but I'm game right now. We'll see if I'm still talking this trash by Sunday or so.
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