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What ho. Or maybe what "ho ho ho." We're looking at major snows, starting tomorrow, and running right up through Christmas Eve day.

I know, I should be worried about that fundraiser tomorrow night, the press releases, the maybe last-minute trip to WV for work, the family coming into town (probably not now). But I just can't bring myself to be worried about any of it.

Because when there's big snow, it really is just a matter of surrendering what passes for control over stuff over, and figuring out how to make it fun. That's how I'm doing it, in any case.

It does make for a jam-packed day today, though. Not the least of which entails the fixing of a flat tire on the most snow-worthy vehicle we own, the venerable "Snowball." Snowball is a 2001 Subaru Forrester with about 170,000 miles on her, many of them snow miles from up in Michigan, or from trips up there from the NC Mountains. Since Snowball is slated to go to my step-daughter Elizabeth soon, and she lives in Charlotte, it's likely to be Snowball's last hurrah getting through drifts and such.

Looks like I might be able to finally realize my dream of cross-country skiing on the Blue Ridge Parkway!

Time to go to the grocery store, which will undoubtedly be NUTS today.
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