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Last Weekend of the Expedition

I figured out yesterday that today is the first day I've had off since we began the Expedition on July 20. Even when off the River, I've been in the office. So, I'm pretty tired.

I have been amusing myself (and staying sane) by imagining all the things I can do in September to chill from the experience, and I've of course come up with far more than can possibly be done...even if I take the whole month off.

Here's my list: go to Iss' beach house for a long weekend, go to B&B's and go fishing on the Chesapeake, go to Ocacroke and stay in a motel on the beach where they take pets and I can take Ginny with us, go to Traverse City and screw off in general and see people and my nieces and go to a Benzie football game, go to Stockholm, go to Iceland, go out west, go to Dan O'B's ranch and look at (and eat) buffalo, go to the cabin and hide (probably this would not work, it's not far enough), go to Kathy & Kevin's in Vermont, go to an Olivet fottball game, to to Susan & Bill's and Asheville (well, this I will do no matter what), etc. etc. You get the idea.

If you'd like to add to this list, comment here. There's no end to what I can IMAGINE as far as travel goes and maybe you have a better idea!

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