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I try, but mostly I can't shut up...

Day Three a Done Deal

Still a bit chilly out, but nice chipper day for the crew. They arrived at the agreed upon lunch spot nearly an hour ahead of schedule and played in the rapids at Elk Shoals. Apparently there were some who went through the shoals several times in boats;others who went through on their asses, too, just for good measure.

Henry put his hand on an unsuspecting snake as he was dragging up RUTAG his kayak. He claims he did NOT scream. Tim our crew free lance reporter verified this claim, so I'll have to believe him.

Tony took the first official bloodying by slipping on a rock and banging his shin. The incident didn't spoil his noontime Vienna snack(pronounced VIE-eeena here in the South don't you know).

Tomorrow I'm going out - the whole day! Yippee. Carol in the office is taking charge of lunch at the Wagner Access spot in the New River State Park and we're using our local outfitter Zaloos to shuttle us. It's going to be a great 53rd birthday for me.
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