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Chris' Crazy Land Adventures

It's just a bit past 8 p.m. National Committee for the New River's New River Expedition will be starting in just 12 hours.

I'm the "Advance" person for the trip, which is really just a glorified term for "gopher." I'll be schlepping kayaks and canoes on my trusty Subaru "Snowball," making sure the folks on the water have lunch, get picked up, get to where we're staying at night; I'll take pictures, do video, meet media people, and handle arrangements for the events we're having with our supporters and partners along the way, and hopefully have a chance to take a shower and change my clothes here and there.

When we're not on an Expedition, I'm the Assistant Director of the National Committee for the New River (NCNR). I do a little bit of lots of things in the office, including most of the communications activities and a big hunk of the fundraising as well.

The Expedition is a river-length paddle of the New River which flows north from the NC mountains to Fayetteville, WV, where it confluences with the Kanahwa River. (Eventually it ends up in the Ohio, then the Mississippi, then down to New Orleans and the ocean -- but that's another trip!)

My husband Henry, who is on the board of NCNR,is planning on making the entire 320+ mile trip, along with George Santucci, the Executive Director.

I'll be blogging here, Twittering, and posting on NCNR's Facebook Causes page. Follow us -- it should be fun!
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