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Time to Take Off

We're running around this morning, in typical manic leave-taking fashion. Before 8 a.m. we'd already been to the county dump to empty the massive collection of recyclables that threatened to impede the door into the garage. I realized that we hadn't made that trip since before the New River Expedition. It was time for sure.

Today is the day. Think about me around 7:00 tonight, when I'll be standing up in front of strangers (good), friends and family (much scarier) to do my reading at Malaprops in Asheville. Why do these things always sound like so much more fun when they're a month or even a week away? I'm having one of those "oh shit, this seemed like such a good idea; what have I gotten myself into" moments.

The solution to the momenting is, of course, practice. Earlier this week I got out my trusty "Performing Your Words" cheat sheet by my Goucher MFA program mentor, Philip Gerard. It's 5 and a half pages of experienced common sense and always a good thing to review before doing a reading. In the handout, Philip says, "...learning how to read your work well will teach you subtle lessons about your own writing - the nuances of your style, the hidden music or discordance within the sentences, the way it erupts into unexpected humor out loud."

Here's hoping for some out loud humor tonight!

I'm bringing my camera to get Henry to take some pictures for my website, so, look for them later this weekend. Will it look lame having my picture taken, especially with my cheering section on hand?
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