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I try, but mostly I can't shut up...

Day 15

Last night we had a wonderful event at Anne Goette's and Rick Claus' house in Eggleston, VA. They call it Bellebend, and boy is it ever. Many clean up volunteers from ReNew the New in Giles County, and other supporters, made it a very homey event.

But the highlight for me came later. We camped down by the river (see the picture at right) and watched the moon come up over the cliffs across the River. Train tracks run along below the cliffs and their whistles were fantastically bounced around during the night.

In the morning we awoke early as usual and thought one of our Expedition party, or Anne & Rick, were out for a sunrise swim... not so... it was fish jumping and splashing about.

The fish show was followed by Rick's pancakes and then we were pushing off from the banks where we slept, on another day's paddling. I wasn't on the water myself, but all reports at day's end were of great fun in rapids that were entertaining, frequent, and not too scarey. A good time was had by all!
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