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Summer 2024 

Day 9 Coming Up

Well, everyone survived the first challenging rapids in good order, if a little wetter. We had rain on-and-off throughout the day, with sunshine finally showing right at the end of the day.

Back here at home Ginny the cat is getting pretty darn pissed off about not having people to play with. She is a complete attention slut, if only with us. She hides when someone new comes to the house. Our intern at NCNR is going to come and check on her as we venture further afield with the Expedition; she's living just down the street while she's here this summer. I'm guessing by day 3, Ginny will think she's the best person ever and will be begging for attention.

But then, as things are transpiring, I may not get out everyday on the Expedition in any case. I'm feeling a bit superfluous as we proceed down the river, with things in hand and other good people handling things like shuttles and lunch, it may be that I'll spend more time on the office end of things and less out "in the field" as it were.
By 1 or so yesterday, even though I had wifi, my battery had waned in my trusty Macbook.

The photo to the right is of Molly's Shoals. Well, it's as close as I could get to them.
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