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EKPHRASTIC: Ekphrasis comes from the Greek, for the written description of a work of art. 


Not too many surprises, except maybe for the weather. For our first day of the New River Expedition we turned up sprinkles and high 50s to start. It brightened up a good bit by lunch, but the last 30 minutes or so were pouring down rain, thunder and plummeting temps.

I started to look for the gang down the river from our meeting place, just in case they needed to get out early, but they were all in good spirits, and just about to the meeting spot anyway...if somewhat bedraggled and soggy. Pip pip for them. I got soaked just getting them out of the water!

Tomorrow morning we meet up back at Todd Island Park where we got out. Our local supporter and baker (!) Emilie is promising sticky gooey stuff before the crew heads out for another long day of 23 miles.

Many thanks to Kelly at Rivergirl Outfitters in Todd who has set Ben in our office up with a sweet single fishing kayak for tomorrow. Should be excellent.

Talk to you soon!
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