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All the Words and Art Happenings Up in Here

Big Saturday Finish to a Big Week

We had big days on Friday and Saturday. Especially busy for me because Friday night was a small (40+) event at a board member's house and then Saturday was our big Annual Meeting celebration, all of which I am responsible for. So, holy crap I am tired. I think we had well over 100 there Saturday, probably 130-140. The food was yum and I bought extra beer Friday night, since our RSVPs spiked at the last minute.

The setting was astounding - a gorgeous farm that had been slated as the site for a prison for crissakes... right on the banks of the New. Long story short, the prison is now being built elsewhere in the county and the land has been purchased and protected by an incredible local family who lent us the place for the celebration.

But really, how do I find myself in charge of these things? Do I never get it? Some people really like doing this stuff; I really really don't. And still, here I am at 53, standing there sweating the details, getting up at what Courtney calls the "butt crack of dawn" and hunting down cork screws and being oh so very nice. I swear, this is the last one of these things I'm going to do. REALLY! I feel like I take, literally, a year off my life every time I do one. More gray hair just seems to appear, foiling my recent expensive dye job.

Saturday night I woke up with the worst leg cramps I've ever had; I thought I was going to throw up the hurt was so intense. Of course, just at that moment, I got a killer hot flash, too.

Yes, I AM whining.

Back to the river on Wednesday morning. And, early that morning are the first of the really serious shoals and class II and III whitewater. I shall take pictures from the shore!
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