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All the Words and Art Happenings Up in Here

Election Day

Today is my first official election day as a member of the Board of Elections for Ashe County here in NC. We have three town board contests, not hugely contested ones, and there's a small number of registered voters involved.

I spent the morning hanging out in the Board of Elections office - after I voted myself of course. I swapped election stories and talked general small town gossip with the staff. I'll go back over there closer to 5 to be there when the results come in and to perform our official certification duties as the Board.

More fun, we picked up our new car yesterday, a spanking new Ford Fusion hybrid. Man, I'm going to have to actually read the manual to learn all the things this thing does -- it's got all the toys and even talks to you. I have managed to tell it turn the radio on so far and plan to watch the tutorial and demo that is built in. Not while driving of course. See the pictures right.

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