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No, Wait, the Summer Can't Be Over Already!!!

Snowy Rut

The snowiest February comes to an end in the next few days and I have mixed feelings about it. In general, I enjoy the winter storm warnings and the cold doesn't bother me -- I just get out the "Michigan" clothes and I'm set to go. And, unlike Michigan, at least the Traverse City-area I'm most familiar with, we do get a fair amount of sun popping out between the snow squalls here; sometimes it's snowing and sunny at the same time in the NC mountains. Read More 
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January Blahs

It's January. It's raining and in the 40s - my very least favorite winter weather of all. Give me snow any time.

The pipes broke at the cabin. When Henry opened the garage door, water poured out. The garage and part of the basement are wet and soggy. Fortunately, there wasn't much damage to  Read More 
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