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No, Wait, the Summer Can't Be Over Already!!!

We are launched!

It was SO much fun. Introducing my wonderful fellow editors, Julie Townsend and Scot Pope, and then having many of the contributors read from their work. When I first stepped up to the microphone, I blanked out. Me. I thought I had gotten used to standing up in front of a bunch of peopleassembled to listen to writers and to read their work. Nope. It wasn't like a Wordkeepers salon at all -- there were so many people. More than a 100 by anyone's count. We had to get out more chairs and ended up with some standing in the back of the room at the Ashe County Public Library. All for Mountain Memoirs.

I know the writers who read from their contributions to the book were so excited. Edith Jones came from her assisted living place over in Winston Salem and Kimberly Perzel gets the prize for coming the furthest to read -- she flew in from Boston. We sold out all of the books designated for early release to the Arts Council and had to dig into Scot's Farmers Market stash for more. We were able to get advance orders out to as many of those people who were there and asked. I know we surprised our publisher who made a super-human effort in getting us some books to use for this On the Same Page Literary Festival event. The actual release date for the book isn't really for a couple of weeks. Now he's already busy with a second printing.

We'll keep the momentum going with some events in October for the fall mountain leaf-peepers (if you're curious, go to the website www.mountain-memoirs.com for an events list). And we've been thinking all along that Mountain Memoirs is going to be a popular Christmas gift; several people asked me to sign their books for a friend or family member for that purpose already.

By the end of the Festival this weekend, I was really exhausted. In a very good way. I stayed in my pajamas until 2:30. Then I got up off the couch and took a shower...and put on clean pajamas.
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