The first morning's picture -- off we went!

The beech wood along the trail.

Broadway Tower on The Cotswold Way.

Me and my Henry at the Roman Baths... in Bath.

At Elton House with Emma, Nick, Chris, Joan, Philip and Kevin.

This, and the photos below, are in Jerusalem on our trip there in March. It was so incredibly good we're going back later this summer and working on an archaeological dig with UNC Charlotte with the same folks from the March trip.


October 1, 2015

Tags: reading, writing, On the Same Page Literary Festival, West Jefferson, North Carolina, Ashe County, Ken Waldman, Wendy Welch, Jack Beck, Kathryn Stripling Byer, Ann Pancake, Edward Kelsey Moore, Georgann Eubanks

Oh, I hope you didn't miss it...we had such a wonderful time. I would have written more about it right after, but I got sick as a dog and like others who have contracted this "crud" it's been a couple of weeks knocking it back.

It would be hard to pick out just the highlights, but you can see lots of pictures from the Festival on the On the Same Page Festival website ( or join the Festival's Facebook page.

It's hard sometimes to spend all year putting something like a literary festival together and then step back from it after -- or even during -- to understand what kind of experience has been crafted for the attendees. We can look at numbers; we can look at comments and evaluation forms...but it's hard to capture what went "right" and where we can improve, where we can make next year even better.

The even better part is the hardest when you've had such a wonderful experience. I'll just keep working on that.

Changing Times

July 17, 2013

Tags: West Jefferson, North Carolina, College Avenue, moving, packing, downsizing, 1938

Well. Whew. In a matter of 10 days we've sold our existing home and signed a contract for a new one, right down the street, literally a few blocks away. I'm excited about moving to a more appropriately sized place for two people, and, to have figured out a way to remain in our small town where we can walk to so much of what we do. I'm also very excited about having no more 5 baths to clean. Thank you. I'm old and too lazy to take care of this much house.

All this will happen in the coming 6 weeks, so I'll likely not revisit this blog again until I'm sitting in my new office. Do be in touch with me via this website to supply encouragement and to share any news!

We are launched!

September 18, 2012

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It was SO much fun. Introducing my wonderful fellow editors, Julie Townsend and Scot Pope, and then having many of the contributors read from their work. When I first stepped up to the microphone, I blanked out. Me. I thought I had gotten used to standing up in front of a bunch of peopleassembled to listen to writers and to read their work. Nope. It wasn't like a Wordkeepers salon at all -- there were so many people. More than a 100 by anyone's count. We had to get out more chairs and ended up with some standing in the back of the room at the Ashe County Public Library. All for Mountain Memoirs. (more…)

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